Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alex 'Gigglebooger' Adcock

Oh to be blessed with all the sweet little babies in my life! As my first borrowed baby is growing up (Happy 14th birthday Madelyn!), I have more little ones cropping up that I can sniff and snuggle. (Once they hit 12, they don't really want you trying to smell the baby powder on their neck and giving belly zerberts. Lame.)

Alex, my 'official' Godchild, whom will kiss my ring when he's old enough to actually stand up, is being Christened tomorrow. I'm so grateful to be a part of his little life, and to be guaranteed a spot on the team to watch him grow into a young man. It is impossible to be grumpy around this little guy- he is always smiling, laughing, or outright guffawing. He's like an organic, free-range anti-depressant!:) I like to tell myself that it's only because he's delighted to see me, and that I'm soooo funny. But I know it's not true- I know he's just a lovebug. I lurve this little Gigglebooger.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Edmond Dog Park (Ewok's welcome)

Lola's trip to the Edmond dog park- she had so much fun and made lots of new friends. It was a beautiful day, that just so happened to precede the two week long Snomageddon of 2011. Good thing we stocked up on our vitamin D!

Adventures in Snow

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Before and After

So this is what little Lola looked like before I got her....

And this is after.

I'm pretty sure the previous owners were shampooing her in peanut butter and combing her hair with a wagon wheel. I'm just sayin'.

In With The Old...Out With The New

Old (New) House

New (Old) House

One of the exciting things that happened while I was on blogabatical, was the purchase of a new (yet very old) home! As long as I can remember, I always dreamed of having a historical home, one with character (drafty), one with a history (rigged electric and duct work), and with charm (62 layers of paint on every paintable surface). I went from having a newly built home, which I loved and thoroughly enjoyed- to a Nationally registered historical home built in 1937 that I adore! That's a biiiiiig difference people. Original hardwood floors, which the previous owners had covered with carpet (crazy!)- I didn't even have to refinish them. All the doors and crystal door knobs are original, tilework in the bathrooms, windows and sashes- it really is just the perfect house for me.

Now I must admit, I'm beginning to understand the dilema of wanting to fix and update everything all at once- it's hard to pace yourself. For example, the kitchen laminate countertops need to be replaced. Well, if I'm going to do the countertops, might as well re-do the cabinets....and if I'm going to do that...I might as well look at rearranging the configuration... and while we're at it...why not go ahead and get rid of the breakfast bar, move the refrigerator, do granite countertops, smokey glass inserts in the cabinets...etc., etc., etc., Just read the book 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' and you'll understand. But it's all very exciting wondering how each project will end up! I'm in the process of finishing up the basic upgrades: insulation (had none), new storm windows (old ones were rotten 1937 windows), and caulking/weatherproofing all the old windows that have gaps big enough for a squirrel to climb through. Pace yourself Sharla.....pace yourself.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sam I Am

As promised, we're onto the next installment of the big 'catch-up'. And to clarify for those of you who are chewing your nails to nubs, on the edge of your seats waiting for each installment- be patient young grasshoppers. Now back to the post- let's talk about my sweet-stinky-squishy-snorty nephew Sam! Samuel Michael McCartney Wiser to be exact. Picture the scene from Raising Arizona, Holly Hunter holding a baby, shoulder-shaking sobbing, exclaiming, 'but I loooooove him soooooo much', and that just about pegs it. He really is the most handsome (not biased), well mannered (still not biased), advanced (totally not biased), lovable (seriously, not biased) baby. I hearts him.

And I solemnly swear (not) to spoil him, slobber all over him, or make him do arts and crafts.

Monday, January 10, 2011

ALOT of water under the bridge....and a Dorkie Shit.

So my plan is to do a new post, stealthily, in the middle of the night, so nobody notices right away, and then all the CRAP I'm going to get for going soooo long....will just trickle in, versus punching me in the snot box. Good plan, high five. My last post was June 6th, so I'll try and catch you up on all of the exciting (new babies, new doggies, houses sold, tiaras worn, and a partridge in a pear tree)things that have happened in the last 6 months over the next few posts. Deeeeeeeep breath and GO!

In August, a new addition joined my family- sweet little Lola. No, you silly scandal mongers- I'm no baby momma- but I am now a doggy momma. Pump the breaks...Wahuh?! From crazy-two-cat-lady to dog owner- changed teams entirely! And I do mean entirely, I had no idea what a huge difference there was between cats and dogs. Dogs actually WANT to please you, and you can actually TRAIN them NOT to pee on the floor (r.i.p. Alexis kitty), and of course, they let you put clothes on them (cats do not, I've tried). WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE? She's a 4.9 lb. designer breed (mutt)- her mom was a Dorkie (Daschund-Yorkie), dad was a Shih tzu.....a.k.a. DORKIE-SHIT. Just take a gander at what greets me every day when I get home from work, snuggles with me every night, and yet will never require a car, braces, or college tuition. Seriously? Can you even stand it?

Her name was Lola, she was a showdog. Barky Manilow